New York City Protests and Related Events

We are not organizing these events ourselves, but we have a general expectation that things we include are likely to be worthwhile (please let us know if you feel one isn’t… or if you know about a relevant, interesting event we’re missing).


Friday, Jan. 20 in NYC

Black & Brown Action vs. White Nationalism  B.  NYC 11:00 AM

UNGOVERNABLES actions: 1/20  11:30, 3:00, 7:00 pm NYC

March vs. White Supremacy (d12 Mvmt.) 11:30 BROOKLYN

Housing Works in NYC Inauguration Protest 3:30 SOHO


Pro Trump event:   1/20  7:00 PM W.59TH

Campsite vs. Trump-Goldman Sachs gov`t  WEST ST.: LOOK UP

Staten Is. inauguration protest PLEASE CONFIRM

Inauguration Day Speakout at the Whitney:   20 NYC

Concert: The Ungovernables –  1/20, Brooklyn

Inauguration Night w/ Randy Credico & Karaoke

Creating Consentopia in Your Community: 1/20

Anti-inauguration cute animal video bar BROOKLYN

Handbills of Subversion: ACLU art benefit 7:00PM BOND ST.

Inaugural Resistance Party f/ ACLU  7:30 PM DOUGLASS ST

Inauguration Night w/ Muslim Writers Collective  NYC

Anti-Inaugural Ball at Silent Barn:  1/20 BROOKLYN

Dr. Strangelove: from  1/20 at IFC


Friday, Jan. 21 in NYC

Justice for Kyam Livingston  1/21, B`klyn

Make Fascists Scared Again! Rally: Queens

Women’s March on NYC: E.47th St. SEE NEXT ENTRIES

North Manhattan Marches Ag. Trump: (a.m.)

Climate Conting. in 1/21 Women’s March on NYC

Pro choice Dems in Women`s March on NYC 1/21

Jewish Voice for Peace:  1/21 in NYC action

Fundraiser vs. Police Raids:  1/21 (IWOC)

Realities Of Muslim Women Open Mic at Nuyorican

Zine Meet and Greet:  1/21

Sunday, Jan. 22

Atheist anti-Trump rally:  1/22 NYC

Love and Terror in the Middle East: 1/22

Write to queer detainees:  1/22, Bluestockings

Queer Workers Proj Training to Defend Yourself At Work: 1/22

¡Pa`lante, Siempre Pa`lante! :  1/22 film

Recycle electronics:  1/22 on Lex. Av.

Challenging Trumpism, Wars & Militarism: AFSC Conf. 1/22 DC

Democ. Socialists of Amer. inauguration plans:  1/22 DC

Monday, Jan. 23

CryptoParty  1/23 w/ Soc. of Environmental Journalists

The German Revolution: Mondays from 1/23

WeiMar. Germany: False Hope or Missed Chance?  1/23

Thanks for Fighting Racism! Dinner: 1/23

Nigeria LGBT equality struggle: 1/23 film, panel  N.

Picture the Homeless Dance Party: 1/24

White Plains hearing on gun safety:  1/24

Tuesday, Jan. 24

Actions vs. Trump? 1/24


Ben Ehrenreich & Colm Tóibín: Life & Death in Palestine: 1/25

Black Panther Party at 50: Two Book Launches  1/25,

The Way to Spring: Life and Death in Palestine 1/25

Wednesday, Jan. 25

Re-purpose electronic waste: 1/25

350NYC mtg.  1/25

SECRET PATH: Native film, talk,  1/25

Brooklyn Human Rights Film Fest: 1/25

Thursday, Jan. 26

March 4 Affordable Housing 4 All Rally: 1/26 BROOKLYN

Finally Got the News: 1/26 Opening

Film, RIKERS:  1/26

New York Paid Leave Coalition dinner:  1/26

Printed Legacy of the U.S. Radical Left: from 1/26

Heather Ann Thompson on Attica:  1/26

Navigating the New Normal: 1/26 at NYSEC

Brooklyn Human Rights Film Fest: 1/26

RIKERS:  1/26 film & panel

FUREE mtg.:  1/27, B`klyn

Friday, Jan. 27

Demand No-Kill Shelters: sleepout  1/27

FUREE mtg.:  1/27

Bangladesh film, `BLOCKADE`  1/28 Syed Yousuf

Art fundraiser for Standing Rock:  1/28 ,,

Tenants & Neighbors mtg.  1/28

Friday, Jan. 28

CryptoParty  1/28 at NYC Resistor

Art fundraiser for Standing Rock:  1/28

FUREE Leadership Training:  1/28

Urban Permaculture: All-Day Introduction 1/28

Hate Crimes ag. Muslims:  1/29 White Plains

Sunday, Jan. 29

ACLU hockey fundraiser:  1/29

Theater of the Oppressed:  1/29 workshop

Monday, Jan. 30

Intro to Marxism:  1/30

Intro to Marxism: Mondays from 1/30

Tuesday, Jan. 31

Engels on forces of nature: from Tues 1/31

Health Care for All:  1/31 film, panel

Women in the Time of Revolution:  2/2 .

Demand Schumer resist Trump:  2/2 PEEKSKILL

Thursday, Feb. 2

African Lit – Colonialism, Liberation, Disillusionment: 2/2

Black Power Open Mic:  2/3 Schomburg Ctr.

Friday, Feb. 4

African Amer. Cooperative Economics:  2/4 NEWARK

Friday, February 4

Protest & dabkeh vs. Batsheva Dance Co. 2/4 at BAM

Pamahikan:  2/4 film at CUNY (CLAGS)

FIDEL: The Legacy Continues –  2/4

Trans Identity and Body Horror: 2/4

Wednesday, Feb. 8

Divided in a Diverse City:  2/8

Eco Imperialism, Settler Colonialism, Indig. Resistance: from 2/8

Wednesday, February 8

Eco Imperialism, Settler Colonialism & Indig Resistance 2/8

Friday, Feb. 11


MARCH AGAINST FUR:  2/11, Columbus Cir.

Permaculture Business Ideas: 2/11 at The Commons

After Marriage Equality in Ireland:  2/11

Thursday, February 16

2/16 Hortense Spillers: Women in the Time of Revolution W.

Friday, Feb. 18

Conf. vs. NYC Fascism & Police Terror:  2/18

Audre Lorde B-Day: Thurs 2/18 (CLAGS)

Sunday, Feb. 19

Film, “Hustlers Convention“:  2/19

Friday, Feb. 25

Queer People of Color and NYC Gentrification: 2/25

Friday, Mar. 3

Beyond the Bars Conf. from 3/3

Tuesday, Mar. 7

Quarterly “No Separate Justice“ Vigil:  3/7

Friday, Mar. 11

9-day intercity walk to Indian Pt. f/ Fukushima Day events: 3/11

Fukushima, Indian Point , Pipeline: 3/11

What Is Sex For? with David Halperin:  3/18

Sunday, Mar. 18

BAYAN USA Assembly:  3/18

Friday, Mar. 24

Remember Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire:  3/24

Friday Mar. 25

Conf. to normalize U.S. – Cuba relations: from 3/25 

Sunday, Mar. 26

Conf. to normalize U.S. – Cuba relations: through 3/26

National Rally to Support Palestine 3/26 DC

Central Labor Council reception:  4/6

Thursday, Apr. 6

Becoming an Organizer: Narrative, Identity & Social Action, 4/6

Narrative, Identity and Social Action:  4/6  N.

Friday, Apr. 14

LGBTQ Scholars of Color Conf.: from 4/14

Thursday, Apr. 20

I N V I S I B I L I T Y conf.: Apr. 20

Friday, Apr. 21

I N V I S I B I L I T Y conf.: Apr. 21

WESPAC award dinner: Thurs 4/27, White Plns.

Thursday, Apr. 27

White Privilege Conf.: from  4/27

Friday, Apr. 29


Wednesday, May 3

Labor Film Activist Conf. from May 3

Radical Film Network Global Gathering: from 5/3

Friday, May 5

Workers Unite Film Fest from  5/5 NYC

MOVE Conf opens 5/5/2017  M. M. PHILA

Friday, Jun. 2

Left Forum opens Jun. 2

Friday, Jun. 10

Philadelphia Dyke March:  6/10

Clearwater Music Fest:  6/17, CROTON, NY

Friday, Jun. 24

March for Reparations:  6/24

Gun Control Conting. in NYC Women`s March 1/21

Franklin Sq. rally & concerts vs. inauguration: 1/19 – 22