What Does It Mean to Say #UnitedWeResist?

United We Build and Grow.

We who say United We Resist seek out real-life connections with others thinking, planning and acting to resist fascistic, authoritarian power and the bigoted evils it sows. We grow community and camaraderie from our common ground and combined energies. We allow aligned groups and individuals freedom to vary in their perspectives, pursuits and methods, inside and outside of politics.
We meet and act together, in groups large and small. We create new things and ways of doing things. We experiment with tactics, strategies and goals for positive transformation of our communities, societies and lives in a time of extreme uncertainty. We learn by doing and we learn from others. We share what we find useful and successful back with the bigger whole. We let our own conceptions evolve over time, as we learn, listen and experience more.
We build large, flexible human networks with real collective power that we can put into action as crises and opportunities emerge and develop.

United We Protect and Persist.

We act in a spirit of care for each other and people who are highly vulnerable in our communities and countries and across the world. We seek to protect humanity and the natural environment we depend on for our existence from destruction. We work together to provide aid, defense and solidarity and spread these practices more universally across neighborhoods, cities and societies.
We give ourselves and each other the right to be human and take “time off” sometimes, because we also all have our own lives.

United We Resist.

We who say United We Resist reject fascism, corruption, bigotry of all kinds and those who perpetuate and profit from them. We seek to diminish their authority, power, influence, abuses and effects wherever we see good chances to do so. We refuse to normalize. We refuse to minimize. We refuse to collaborate.
We bring both who we are uniquely and what we share in common into collective resistance. We integrate collective resistance into our lives, our friendships and who we are. We find new kinds of joy and authentic hope rooted in our shared struggles, creations, appreciations and celebrations.